Wednesday, April 18, 2018


It's time we fired these raving loonies in Josh Frydenberg's Ministry of Energy. We must get rid of the RETS (Renewable Energy Targets) promoted by the corrupt UN, and move to more coal, gas and hydro power sources. Support the Monash Forum of pollies who want to expand our coal fired power stations.Let's see if we can REDUCE our electricity price to at least what it is in the USA. At present it is the highest in the WORLD.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


The latest news from New Zealand is not good news for the oil and gas industry which generates a revenue of about $NZ 2.5 billion/year. No more off-shore exploration permits will be granted. There are currently 22 permits off shore. Onshore permits will be reduced. Most production is in the Taranaki province. The reason for this move is to combat "Climate Change" by reducing emissions of Greenhouse gases, or CO2, and enhance New Zealand's green image.

Ardern is following the anti-carbon mythology of the UN and which is also promoted by GreenPeace is all a load of unscientific hogwash. CO2 is NOT a pollutent, but is a desirable component of the atmosphere. CO2 is a plant food. The more CO2 the better. Trust me for I am not from the Government. We don't have to reduce our emissions of CO2. We don't have to worry about climate change. CO2 is good stuff. Don't worry..don't worry your little self about it.... all will be well. Uncle Allano will see that the blue sky doesn't collapse on you.

Ardern's move to stifle the oil and gas industry in New Zealand gives further emphasis to the wise quote of the American writer H.L. Mencken, (1880-1956), who said: "The whole acm of politics is to keep the populous alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins (CO2, climate change, global warning etc), all of them imaginary". We don't need to worry about climate change in New Zealand, nor do we need to stifle the oil and gas industry by chasing after hobgoblins. Regards from Allano

by Allan Taylor: Watch out, Global warming is coming to Los Angeles. They are painting the streets white to prevent global warming and combat climate change. The Green PM Ardern of New Zealand would feel at home here amongst all these Californian Greens....she has only stopped future oil and gas exploration in NZ. Will she paint Wellington city streets white, too?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Today we had Josh Frydenberg , Minister of Energy and the Environment speak at the National Press Club and explain the Coalition Government's Energy Policy and how it works. What alarms me is that we are supposed to swallow the idea that affordable and reliable power can be achieved with the present setup by reducing carbon emissions some 25% by a specified date … we must lower our carbon footprint!....achieve our RET or Renewable Energy Target, which is to please the UN and its Paris Agreement about reduction of Greenhouse Gases.

It seems necessary to continually remind the Minister of Energy that our Renewable Energy Targets are all nonsense, being based on the anti- carbon mythology of the warmists who believe that CO2 is a pollutant, which it isn't. To achieve a viable and prosperous future the Government must rid itself of any form of Renewable Energy Target which constricts our use of carbon based fuels, such as coal and gas. POX on the UN. Regards from Allano

Sunday, April 8, 2018


South Australia is having its first mini heat wave for this December summer, culminating in three days with temperatures in Adelaide city of 38 to 40 degrees C. Earlier in the week disastrous fires north of Adelaide had destroyed 27 homes, blackened 82,000 hectares of prime farmland and caused 2 deaths. This weekend has been very hot with 3 days reaching 38 degrees and night temperatures down only to 31 degrees....OK if you have air conditioning I suppose.

This morning, at 3 am , unable to sleep with an indoor temperature of 31 degrees, I got up and turned on the computer to do some blogging. Great .....until there was a power outage from 3.30 to 6 am, so I went back to bed. So, inclement weather brings down trees on power lines, so they say. In Australia we have Nature to deal with all the time....either its bush fires, or flooding, those are the main hazards, if you ignore Labor Governments.

Now I know what it must be like trying to live in Syria! That country is being bombed to bits by everyone and his dog; rather like South Australia with its Labor Government which is determined to put us on the Green's road to hell and poverty. By joining forces with John Hewson's "Low Carbon Economy Expert Panel" to provide everything "carbon neutral" in South Australia by 2050 we are assured only of continued economic disaster, with SA being at the bottom of the economic pile of States.

South Australia has it own DIY way of destroying the economy. Unlike Syria, we don't have to rely on Obama's Coalition of Pirates to bomb our power stations, or hospitals ......or wait a minute, Premier Weatherall is closing down the Repat Hospital where I go sometimes; Alinta Energy has closed down the Leigh Creek coal field and the Port Augusta power stations.......Great!...we don't have to bomb anything, just leave it all to the Labor Government! Still, I like living in Adelaide for its nice Mediterranean climate and production of fine wines. No place is perfect.

Merry Xmas from Allano.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

(Memories from 31 March 2017)

The Labor Government of Premier Weatherill wallows in it's death throws as it endeavours to overcome the power crisis of its own making by reliance on renewables. The Premier is determined to go down in flames because he takes sane advice from nobody. Sanity to SA Labor is like pouring water on a duck's back.

His latest bizarre project is to contract the Lyon Group to build a battery and solar farm in the Riverland at Morgan costing $1 billion, according to ABC News. This is the most stupid idea possible. In SA we want more base-load power best generated by a coal-fired power station of 500 to1000.MW size. We don't want ANY MORE renewable energy power sources and the associated risk they involve.

Large solar plants are NOT appropriate for SA for many reasons. The panel array could be wiped out in half-an-hour by a thunderstorm, high winds and hail stones, and then we would be up Shit Creek without a panel/paddle. Every summer we get dust storms which coat solar panels and my car with RED DUST, which makes car wash businesses very busy, even in Adelaide. Solar plants are NOT WEATHERPROOF. We certainly DO NOT WANT this thought bubble of our crazy Premier to get off the ground…..God help us.

How can we STOP this power and financial stupidity in South Australia? Premier Weatherill, please get lost and take all your bizarre Greeny ideas with you. You are not wanted in South Australia.

Regards from Allano.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Countries are dependent on flows of information and technology for their development and future prosperity. Always there is a need for a reliable supply of energy and electricity. This is very evident from Australia, and its economically failing States, especially South Australia, which is unfortunately lead by Greenie Premier Weatherill.

In South Australia, ideally we should have an energy mix of 30;30;30;10 i.e.,
Electricity power stations using coal 30%, gas 30%, nuclear 30% and Other 10%......I would be happy with that, and our industries would prosper knowing that supply is weatherproof (also Weatherill-proof) and reliable. We don't want bizarre power solutions from Nick Xenophon, nor any carbon trading schemes, or a second Interconnector Cable to adjacent Victoria State.....this would be like sending the energy lifeboat towards the Titanic for rescue by Premier Dan Andrews.

Just how incompetent can you get? Don't ask the Federal Government, or the CSIRO. Greg Hunt, our Energy Minister, relies on biased and corrupt UN information sources....why does he not receive reports from the US NIPCC? (The Non-Government International Panel on Climate Change). I would be impressed if he did, and turned OFF the information tap to the UN.

Where are the main sources of these flows of information and technology today? For coal and gas power stations we must look to Japan and China where there is much development and innovation going on. For nuclear power, I would seek help from the French and the Russians. France has 58 nuclear power stations that supply 77% of its electricity needs; in Russia the nuclear supply is about 20% of the total. However the Russians are skilled at building mini- or modular nuclear power stations to supply electricity to its vast Arctic Region (like our hot deserts) for isolated mining towns, and also for nuclear submarines and ice breaker ships.

To have a prosperous Australia we must source the right information and its associated technology. This means we must turn on the RIGHT TAPS for this to happen, at the same time TURN OFF those taps which are just supplying us with bunkum. Let's get cracking and make this happen.
Regards from Allano.

Friday, August 5, 2016


We surely don't want the future of Australia as depicted by Kane Thornton, the CEO of the Clean Energy Council. The Council's very name is deceptive and Thornton would unlikely pass the four dog test for trustworthy CEOs, for.he talks like a used car salesman and then only bunkum.

Following on the disastrous weather events in South Australia and Tasmania, it has become apparent that too much reliance on renewable energy is not a good thing. Our power supply needed for industry and domestic use is not WEATHER PROOF, nor in South Australia, is the supply Premier Weatherill-proof. Even the hydro-dams in Tasmania failed us when drought conditions came, largely because of mismanagement, and their stupidity in formerly selling power to the mainland, leaving depressed dam levels, that were unable to cope with weather emergencies.

Thornton says that we are going through a transition period of phasing out coal plants and moving our energy mix towards renewables, and this is a world wide phenomenon. NOT TRUE. It 's bunkum. There is a steady increase in the use of coal and construction of new coal -fired power plants, in Japan, China, India and throughout South East Asia. This is what we should be doing too, in Australia.

We need cheap reliable power from coal. You can't run a steel works or lead smelter or any heavy industry with intermittent and unreliable power from a wind farm; they are PARASITES to the National Grid.....the wind industry is NOT WANTED in Australia. In the forthcoming National meetings of the Minister of Energy (and the Environment) Josh Frydenberg, I hope that the importance of coal and gas in our energy mix is reaffirmed and that the wind industry is told to get lost.
Cheers form Allano